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types of deadly cancers 

One of the deadly diseases today is cancer. Before the advance of medical science as it is today, people who got cancer is always resigned to death and get ready to give up everything they have in this world. But with the development of science and technology now allow people to gain a longer life expectancy. Therefore, knowing the deadly forms of cancer is the most important thing if you get some symptoms of cancer.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer consists of some types. They are lip cancer, tongue cancer, gum cancer, or throat cancer. Check the condition of mouth to the dentist on a regular basis at least 2 times a year is the best way to detect oral cancer. Removal of infected tissues is the main treatment method. While chemotherapy or radiation is used to clean the remaining of cancer cells post-surgery.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate in men will increase as they get older. The emergence of prostate cancer can be avoided through healthy diet and less fat foods is the best way. For examples such as fish, vegetables, and fruits, followed by legumes, green tea, or soy and limiting alcohol consumption is recommended by some experts. Treatments for prostate cancer include surgery with radiation and consumption of vitamin D in significant amounts.

Lung Cancer

In America, most people who are smokers (especially heavy smoker) greater risk of getting lung cancer. Based on the survey, this cancer has killed more people than all other diseases. So, if you have a habit such this, you should be careful because lung cancer can usually be detected if it had been in advanced stage, and as we know that this can be very difficult to cure. The usual treatment that patient can take is radiation or chemotherapy after lung cancer diagnosis.

Breast Cancer

In addition to heart disease, type of disease that can cause death in women is breast cancer. Many people say that eating fatty foods and pollution is causes of breast cancer. Because of that, many of them are asking doctors to diagnose them with adequate tools to ensure it accurately. If indeed they are diagnosed with breast cancer, combinations of different treatments are needed such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy.

Stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is often caused by an unhealthy diet so that many medical experts said that stomach cancer could be prevented by adopting a healthy diet with increased the consumption of vegetables and fruits, and reduce fatty foods. For stomach cancer patients, removing infected tissue cells are ways to treat cancer and followed with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation to prevent a spread of cancer cells to other areas.

Colon-Rectal Cancer

The fat in the daily diet can increase the risk of Colon-Rectal Cancer. In America, this kind of diet has become a daily habit. It is advisable to not consume excessive fat because it can be bad in other organs. Combination treatment of surgery with chemotherapy or radiation is a way for patients to be able to survive from Colon-Rectal Cancer.

Bladder Cancer

The main sign that indicate someone with bladder cancer is the growth of abnormal bladder. Those who are heavy smokers and got infections of the urinary tract should be more careful because they are at risk of this cancer. Urologist are people who skilled in determining which type of treatment is right for bladder cancer patients whether it be therapy, chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.

Listed above are the types of deadly cancer. By knowing them, hopefully you can get a healthy life and avoid all things that can lead to cancer. However, consult a doctor regularly and get proper care of them is a must. You may not make a review about the causes of cancer above as the absolute way to prevent the occurrence of cancers.



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